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Disclaimer - There Are No Anti-Bark Collars On The Market Today That Work For Every Single Dog.
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#1 Ranked Bark Collar Review

#1 Rated Bark Collar:

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*Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars

Dogtra YS300
(Rechargeable No Bark Collar)


"The Dogtra YS300 Rechargeable No Barking Collar rates as our #1 anti-bark collar."

This no barking collar fits smaller sized dogs well (down to 10 lbs), which is hard to find. Also fits medium sized dogs. Just about all the satisfied reviewers said that that in addition to the rechargeable battery (which quickly charges in only 2 hours!), the feature they like best was that this collar gives a warning vibration after the first couple of barks. If the dog ignores the warning, then he receives the correction. The vast majority say their dogs quickly learned to be quiet during the "warning" phase. They also like the fact that there are several intensity levels for the corrective zaps, so you can learn the lowest level at which your dog will respond. 

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NOTE: For effective non-shock collar bark training,
see our
citronella dog collar review page!

Bark Collars /

Electronic Training Collars


The Question I Had to Answer for Myself:

...Should I keep controversial anti-bark collars for dogs and dog training collars as  product lines on my website?

As owner of this website, I am an online retail outlet for one of the largest online drop ship warehouses in the United States called Pet Stores U.S.A., the home office of which is in Cincinnati, Ohio. They supply my website with a HUGE catalog of quality online pet supplies products (including the dog bark collar / dog training collar line of products). I can choose whether I want to feature everything that's available, or whether there are products I'd rather not feature. (I love that about this company!)

I'm a dog lover and dog owner myself, so to be honest, I didn't know whether or not I wanted to sell the electronic training collar line of products - ie - shock training collars for dogs, as I had heard that these were "inhumane" devices.

After all, I want to be a pet helper, not a pet "torturer", for crying out loud!  :-) 

But let's take a look at the bark collars for dogs basics...  

The Three Basic Dog Bark Collar Categories are: 

1. Ultrasonic Bark Collar or Outdoor Bark Control Fixture - A high pitched tone is emitted from the collar or hanging outdoor fixture when the dog barks. (My research indicates that dog owners have found these to be safe but largely ineffective - although they ARE in my website's catalog if you want to take a shot ; -)

2. Spray Anti Bark Collar - Bark Collar emits a spray (usually citronella, but can also be odorless - but reviews have said odorless is less effective) when the dog barks. Acts as an annoying distraction that the dog will usually want to stop encountering after a few sprays.

3. Electronic Dog Training Collar (also known as Shock Collar For Dogs) - Battery operated device on the dog training collar that sends out static electric stimulation to the dog when he barks (or does something he's not supposed to, for other kinds of training collars). He usually wants to stop getting zapped, so the theory is he will stop doing what he's not supposed to be doing.

Hours of Research:

As a huge animal lover and dog owner, I had to satisfy myself that these barking collar products are not cruel to use.

So I spent many hours online researching peoples' opinions and comments who have tried a no bark collar on their beloved pet. I also took into serious account the tone of the comments that I read. You know, whether they sounded like they truly loved their dogs or were just trying to shut them up.

I gave special credibility to the ones who said they had been working with their dogs with positive reinforcement and standard dog training methods first, because they didn't want to subject their precious "best friends" to possible discomfort with some type of "cruel" dog training aids like an electronic anti bark collar. So the ones who made these "love" statements were what perked my ears up most. The loving ones who were at their wits' end and LAST RESORT because they just couldn't get their dog to stop incessant barking and were facing the wrath of neighbors and law enforcement, and possibly even loss of their pet.

Results of Dog Barking Collars Research Surprising:

The results that I found in my personal research were somewhat surprising. The VAST majority of the people who claimed to have been on their last resort AND found a QUALITY no bark dog collar ("quality" is an important aspect), were VERY HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS! In a couple of cases, they even claimed that it saved their dog from having to leave the family!

Yes, as you can expect there were a few negative bark control collar reviews, too. For instance, just like people, all dogs are different. Some dogs will absolutely refuse to change their behavior. Other dogs have hyper sensitivity to the training collar stimulation, and freak out from it (some even get burns or rashes on their necks where the collar comes in contact). Finally, some people are just unlucky enough to receive a defective bark collar (they find that it doesn't function at all OR gives TOO much stimulation). I read where one poor doggie had the misfortune of having a defective shock collar put on him, and the neglectful (in my mind) owner left him all day by himself without sufficiently testing the electronic dog collar first. The poor dog got stimulated with every little thing that he did, and the owner came home to find him quivering and shaking in a corner.

Test Any New Electronic Shock Collar THOROUGHLY!!

That just goes to show that for dog bark collars not to be abusive (particularly with shock collars for dogs), you have to be RESPONSIBLE enough to test it out thoroughly. When you first test it on your dog, do it under very close supervision FOR AT LEAST ONE FULL WEEKEND. DO NOT leave a shock collar for dogs on your pooch all day while you are gone UNTIL you are absolutely confident that the shock collar is working properly AND that your dog can tolerate the stimulation. (Note: An initial "yelp" by your dog is a very normal reaction when first being stimulated - however, continual cries and/or burns on the neck are NOT normal). I highly recommend that if you purchase a shock collar, that it has adjustable stimulation settings - the lowest of which is supposed to be no worse than a static shock similar to what you would get from walking across carpet).

The "No Bark Collar" Process I Would Personally Use:

Fortunately for me, my current beautiful beast (See left photo - her name is Pandora - a shepherd / lab / boxer mix) has never been much of a barker. The dogs I've had in the past were manageable, too. But my personal opinion is that if I adored a nuisance barker as much as I adore Pandora, after this research I would have no hesitation in starting her on a no bark collar.

The process that I would personally try for her would first (of course) be standard training attempts that you can find in any dog training manual. 

If my dog was a stubborn barker and not affected by standard training, then (after my research) I would definitely not hesitate to turn to an electronic bark control collar (a.k.a. shock collar), especially the one in my "editor's choice" section at the top of this page.

Electronic shock collars for dogs do receive the most controversy. However, from the dozens - probably even HUNDREDS - of comments that I researched online, the controversy comes (sometimes rightly so) from a small but vocal minority who had bad or ineffective experiences with this type of no bark collar, or they had pre-conceived notions without trying it out. Although I'm sorry that some had bad experiences, I'm very glad that they keep us informed with their comments as to what to look out for. But from what I found, the quality shock collars that I read about (with adjustable stimulation settings and preferably with rechargeable batteries) were the answer to the prayers of the vast majority of the loving but stressed out dog owners who finally gave the electronic training collar a try.

Just remember. Like people, every dog is different. Some need a quality dog bark collar to help train them out of bad barking habits, some don't. Some get outstanding benefits from an anti bark collar -  Some don't.

Dog Bark Collar Products are Here to Stay on 

...As Long as MOST Dogs and Owners are Benefitting! 

For me and my online pet supplies website, I'm glad to say with confidence that my hours of research have shown that for most loving, responsible dog owners out of options and at their wits end - "no bark training collars" are more often than not the answer to a prayer. And until I see evidence that training collar and bark collar statistics are actually the opposite of what I found, I'm confident to say that this product line will be here to stay!



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